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MT00311000 (1010-S) Archbar Truck and Coupler Sampler Pack

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MT00311000 (1010-S) Archbar Truck and Coupler Sampler Pack1pr 1010 and 1pr 1012
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Charlton J
Since I use MTL couplers on my N scale and I have a larger scale red oxide flat car with silver archbar trucks, this was a foregone conclusion. The results are great! I chose the MTL short couplers on the trucks. They look closer to the body of the car than most stock N scale rolling stock, but I believe they look more prototypical. They roll just fine on my 9.5 radius curves without a problem. To install these trucks and couplers in place of late model Bachmann trucks and couplers, I found it easiest to hand ream the pivot hole in the MTL truck with a #26 drill. That's just a tiny bit larger than the hole and easy to do if you work carefully. I would not recommend a motor driven drill. Hand work allows you to feel the work (and the plastic is soft enough). The Bachmann screw holds the new truck just like it held the Bachmann. If the truck doesn't pivot as freely as the original, hand file the hole a little more with a round jeweler's file. I have installed Bettendorf trucks on all my other Bachmann freight cars following the same procedure. They track and couple well and look good too. They are a little harder to visually re-rail without the shiny wheels, but the MTLs look much more realistic.
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