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NCE-0116 NCE SwitchKat

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NCE SwitchKat
Your Kato UnitrackTM and LGB remote control turnouts can now be DCC controlled. The Switch-Kat provides connections for optional switch position indicator lights and "local control" pushbuttons. Simple installation, two wires to the track, two wires to the switch.
Part # NCE-0116

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Easy to install (I've just put in twelve of them), extremely versatile as they can be operated from a DCC control station or a manual control panel and can be wired to LED or standard bulbs. They also work great once they are programmed.

Oh, but the programming.... Admittedly, I'm using a Digitrax Zephyr and this may have been a bit more straight forward if I was using an NCE system, I'm also new to DCC so this may seem intuitive to those more experienced than I, but here is what I felt was missing from the instructions.

Turn off power to the tracks.

Once you have installed the Switch Kat per the instructions and have the programming wire attached, turn on power to the tracks.

Go into “Switch” mode on the controller and call up a number/address that will not be the switch number, ie 999 and press the “C” or “T” button.

Enter the assigned number/address of the switch and press the “C” or “T” button.

DO NOT exit “Switch” mode or turn off track power.

Remove the programming wire.

Now everything should work as advertised.

The mistake that I was originally making was that I was exiting “Switch” Mode and turning off the track power before removing the programming wire. This resulted in having no direct control of the switch and the switch throwing itself randomly.

As a side note. I contacted NCE support when I was having problems and they recommended that I install a “snubber” on my layout as the problem sounded like it was being caused by electrical noise. A “snubber” is a resistor and capacitor wired in series across the positive and negative bus wires. I did this and, although it wasn't the solution, it is probably a good idea in the long run.

Hope this helps any newbies out there like me who decide to go with Switch Kats.
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